Film Reviews

For the most part, I write about singular films in the context of larger pieces. Occasionally, however, I have also written on individual films.

I am posting here some pieces of this type — and there are some more in the sections on Documentary, DVD Writing and specific other contexts. I am planning to post new reviews here in the future, and more can be found in the blog section.

The material is copyrighted. Please make sure to reference appropriately if using it.

I AM CUBA (Mikhail Kalatozov, USSR/Cuba, 1964)

DIAMONDS OF THE NIGHT (Jan Nemec, Czechoslovakia, 1964)

DERSU UZALA (Akira Kurosawa, Japan/USSR, 1975)

THE BUS (Tunç Okan, Switzerland/Turkey, 1975)

CAMERA BUFF (Krzysztof Lieslowski, Poland, 1979)

THE RED HORSE (Stole Popov, Yugoslavia, 1981)

A CHEF IN LOVE (Nana Djordjadze, Georgia, 1996)

PRISONER OF THE MOUNTAINS (Sergei Bodrov, 1996, Russia)

MOTHER AND SON (Alexander Sokurov, Russia, 1997)

SLOGANS (Gjergj Xhuvani, Albania, 2001)

THE CONSTITUTION (Rajko Grlic, Croatia, 2016)