Russian Film / Film Culture

I have always been interested in Russian cinema and its interactions with the cinemas of the numerous former Soviet republics, as well as with the cinemas of the countries of the Soviet sphere. In 2000 I published a study entitled ‘The New Russians: Nostalgia for the Occupier, Commiseration for the Immigrant,’ in Canadian Slavonic Papers, 42:1-2, 113-129. Later on, I was involved in doctoral supervision that looked further into investigating the cross-cultural representations of the changing position of Homo Sovieticus in the post-Soviet world. I am still interested in this topic, which sits at the intersection with postcolonial studies.

Here I am making available some of my short pieces on aspects of Russian cinema

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Sokurov’s Mother and Son (1997)

Lyubov Orlova: Stalinism’s Shining Star

Tarkovsky’s Ivan’s Childhood (1962)

Kalatozov’s Letter Never Sent (1959)

Kalatozov’s I Am Cuba (1964)

Kuleshov’s DURA LEX (1926)

Playlist Soviet Hybrid Genre Films of the 1930s